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by Llewellyn

Price: $12.95

As a popular composer and producer of relaxation music and guided meditations for many years, Llewellyn has created a relaxation trinity that offers the ultimate in freeing your mind and body from tension and stress.

Firstly, he takes us on a gentle but effective tension-releasing guided meditation journey.

Secondly, soothing relaxation music from one of his best selling albums.

Thirdly, Llewellyn completes our relaxation experience with calming natural sounds of gentle breaking waves onto a sandy beach.

1. Relaxation Guided Meditation (20 mins)
2. Relaxation Music (30 mins)
3. Natural Sounds - Calming seas (10 mins)

Total Running Time : 60 minutes

Relaxation Guided Meditation LISTEN 
Relaxation Music LISTEN 
Natural Sounds - Calming Seas LISTEN 
"Finding healing music that soothes, relaxes and also supports the listeners experience by inviting them into a state of consciousness that invokes weill-being is always a find. When it comes to llewellyns CDs released by Pardise Music, you cant go wrong." Circles of Light, September 2010.